1 - 1 Mentoring

At Business Support on Demand, we understand that running a small business can be a lonely and challenging task. Many small businesses don’t have the management structure to offer support and much needed advice. At Business Support on Demand we provide help for businesses with a personal and dedicated business adviser. Your business adviser will identify solutions and guide you through our extensive network of business support services, solving your problem quickly and efficiently. Offering industry experience, specialisms and a variety of skills, our advisors are available to you… on demand.

The Benefits: There are many benefits to having your own business advisor.  With Business Support on Demand the main benefit to our clients is the reduction in stress as a result of our ability to solve business problems. The aim of the Business Support on Demand advisers is to solve client problems and create a genuine, tangible business improvement.

Other specific benefits include running a more efficient business, a more effective and driven sales team, a strategic management team seeking business growth, a strong brand with the ability to create loyalty from its customers.  The benefits are endless and at Business Support on Demand our aim is to ensure our clients receive multiple benefits to their business.

The Process: The role of your dedicated adviser is to prepare your businesses to compete, prosper and grow. Increasing the bottom line, a lift in sales and the ability to compete in tough economic times are important benefits to any business. At Business Support on Demand, our advisers are there to support you during the good times and the bad, allowing you feel valued and give you and your business the guidance it deserves.

Our advisers offer a host of solutions to all your business issues, saving you time and money, allowing you to run your business more efficiently.

As a member of Businesses Support on Demand, you will have access to your own business advisor, who is available to assist with any business issues that may arise.