HR Support

Many small business owners spend around a quarter of their time working on employee related paperwork. Whilst the paperwork is essential, it may not be the most productive use of their time. At Business Support on Demand we want to save business owner time and money, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

At Business Support on Demand, we offer specialist support for workforce development and staff retention, with access to an extensive database of policy and procedure documentation. We offer support for employers with numerous Human Resource and policy issues.

The benefits: In addition to hard cost savings, the policy and procedure documentation will equip businesses with the more efficient HR systems. The documentation is an ideal reference for any business owner saving vital administrative time. The documentation, while necessary and at times critical, do very little to add value to your business’ bottom-line.

Our templates and documentation are designed to be used as a reference for business owners to aid staff retention, increase productivity, comply with legislation and can also be used in tendering bids.

Our policy and procedure documentation include*:

  • Job advertisement templates
  • Contracts of Employment templates
  • Employee handbooks
  • Induction documentation guidance
  • Environmental policy templates
  • Diversity policy templates

... And many more.

The documentation is designed to support growing businesses on demand and when they need it.

*All documentation is given as guidance and it is recommended that employers seek legal advice to ensure it is in keeping with existing policies and procedures.