At Business Support on Demand we realise how difficult it can be for small businesses to see potential opportunities that may exist within your market place. We also understand that a lack of knowledge and time may restrict your market penetration.  Moreover for more established and mature businesses the challenge often switches to increasing the amount of market share.

Many small businesses don’t have the budgets to employ a marketing manager or director. More importantly small businesses can’t afford to make marketing mistakes or pay for advertising that doesn’t generate sales. Many business owners attempt to carry out their own advertising and marketing which in many cases is insufficient, misdirected and doesn’t usually show a return on the investment.

The Benefits: There are many benefits to receiving marketing support. With Business Support on Demand the main benefit to our clients is the ability to discuss their ideas with an expert who can guide them through the potential pitfalls. Often, just a few hours of marketing and advertising advice from one of our Business Support on Demand advisors can be very lucrative for a business.

Truly effective marketing is much more than getting flyers produced, having branded pens or a good-looking website. At Business Support on Demand we assist your business to carry out effective marketing to encourage your customers to take action and view your services in the way you want them to. Applying these techniques in your marketing campaigns isn’t an easy process. Each campaign needs to be tested, tracked and carefully planned to achieve maximum impact. This is where the knowledge from a Business Support on Demand adviser will save you time and money.

The Process: At Business Support on Demand we have a host of services to suit your business needs. Our advisers can support you to find the right marketing strategy to suit your market place. We work with a host of marketing agencies and consultants who can support and advise you on your needs. Depending on the level of support required, the interventions could be covered entirely through your membership.

All Businesses Support on Demand members receive a Free 30 day Search Engine Optimisation trial for your website. Please call us for more information.